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Pecorino with acid coagulation, ready for consumption in 24 hours, storage: 15 days at 4°C. Size approx. 120 gr, single wrapped package, short-term consumption. Roll-shaped. Absent rind. Compact white marbled paste with a slightly sandy spreadable consistency, typical of cheeses of this sort. Sapid taste and lactic acidity, the fat gives creaminess with the progress of ripening.


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Fresh pecorino, ready for consumption after 24 hours, storage: 15 days at 4°C. Size approx. 1.2 kg, wrapped package (heat-sealed tray). Parallelepiped shape with a slightly convex sides. Snow-white rind, moist with a soft consistency. White paste with irregular holes, particularly moist. Sweet taste of fresh milk, hint of fresh milk and yoghurt


Fresh pecorino cheese with penicillium candidum bloomy rind, ready for consumption in 20 days, storage 60 days between +4°C – +10°C. Size approx. 0.800 kg, wrapped package. Cylindrical shape with flat faces and often deformed convex sides. Candid white edible rind, soft and thickens with ripening. White paste with uniform holes. Sweet flavour of milk cream, soft consistency tending to cream, hint of fresh mushroom and cooked butter.


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Semi-ripened Pecorino with semi-cooked paste, ready for consumption after 20 days of ripening, vacuum-packed storage at 4°C. Size approx. 1.9 kg, vacuum packing. Cylindrical in shape with flat faces and straight sides. Intense yellow rind, thin, edible and smooth. Very elastic paste without holes, suitable for cooking.


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Blue-veined cheese with Penicillium Roqueforti, ready for consumption after 90 days of ripening. Store between +4°C – +10°C. Size approx. 2 kg, wrapped package. Cylindrical in shape with flat faces and straight sides. Dark green rind with presence of mould, thin and elastic. Paste with irregular marbling with classic blue and green streaks, compact and easy to melt. Sapid and complex flavour with a long persistence. Typical aroma of mould.


Di forma quadrata con facce piane e scalzo convesso Crosta sottile e irregolare giallo chiaro, risulta sottile e umida. Pasta uniforme con occhiatura quasi assente. Sapore sapido e complesso con sentori lattici e di cagliata matura, consistenza molle.