Fattoria Buca Nuova

The company

Our story


Our story started the day Pietrino and Maria moved from Sardinia to Montepulciano in an old rural country house called “La Buca Nuova”


After about two years they began the transformation of the company milk to sell their products directly, consolidating the management of the company dairy.


The sons Emilio and Graziano, strengthened by the precious teachings of their parents, continue the dairy business by developing a wider production reality collecting milk from nearby livestock farms, starting the trade of Pecorino di Pienza beyond the local area, giving life to a gradual and measured growth process aimed at preserving the characteristic production while safeguarding/protecting the local agricultural economy.


Fattoria Buca Nuova moves its production plant to the new location in the artisan area of Pienza, keeping the shop in the historic location in Strada per Pienza 34.


Processes sheep’s milk from local farms

FATTORIA BUCA NUOVA processes sheep’s milk from local farms

Produciamo formaggio pecorino secondo la tecnica tradizionale nel rispetto delle norme igienico sanitarie

The processing

Formaggio di pecora

Raw material

The sheep's milk from local farms is obtained mainly from flocks of the Sardinian breed and partly Lacaune, a French sheep breed with rapid expansion in modern farms, fed on pasture with supplementation in periods of scarce pasture.

la cagliata

The curd

The pasteurised milk is brought to a temperature of 36-38°C and lactic cultures are added. The coagulation is obtained with the addition of bovine rennet and once the ideal consistency is reached, the clot is broken and the dough is formed.
caseificio a Pienza lavorazione del pecorino


With the unloading of the curd into the typical perforated baskets “fuscelle”, and the subsequent manual shaping, the process of purging the whey to produce ricotta begins. The fuscelle are transferred to environments suitable for the ripening of the cheese wheel they contain.
Caseificio Pienza: pecorino


Once the purging is complete, each cheese is dry salted. This procedure, carried out manually, ensures the right flavour and the correct formation of the rind of the Pecorino.


This phase requires different times and thermo-hygrometric conditions for each type of product. The fresh cheeses are ready for consumption between ten to thirty days, the semi-ripened ones ripen for about two months and the ripened ones from six months to over two years.
affinamento pecorino di Pienza


The term affinage refers to the practice, following the production phase, which aims to bring the cheese to a superior quality and an exclusive taste through the ripening in peculiar environments such as in a pit or with the presence of elements of enrichment such as grape pomace or walnut leaves.


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