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Marzolino al tartufo

A soft but firm cheese, after the curd breaks, it is enriched with a precious black truffle mixture. It has a very thin white rind that tends to thicken as it matures. Excellent at the beginning and end of a meal, but also used as an ingredient in cooking. It goes well with young wines and sparkling wines.

Marzolino al peperoncino

Pecorino enriched with chilli, matures for 15 days, storage: 120 days between +4°C - +10°C. Size approx. 0.800 kg, suitable for vacuum packing. Ovoid in shape with flat sides and convex sides. The rind is thin, slightly uneven due to the texture of the moulds, colour from white to light yellow, fragments of chilli pepper are visible on the surface. White, compact and tender paste. Sweet and sapid taste, strong hint of chilli pepper.