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Pecorino Gran Riserva

19,00 150,00 
Ripened Pecorino, produced only in spring time, ripened for about 12 months. Store between +4°C – +10°C. Size approx. 5.5 kg, in order to face long ripening, olive oil treatment of the rind, suitable for vacuum packing. Cylindrical shape with flat faces and straight sides. The rind is irregular due to the texture of the moulds, dark yellow color, treated with olive oil.


20,00 70,00 
Blue-veined cheese with Penicillium Roqueforti, ready for consumption after 90 days of ripening. Store between +4°C – +10°C. Size approx. 2 kg, wrapped package. Cylindrical in shape with flat faces and straight sides. Dark green rind with presence of mould, thin and elastic. Paste with irregular marbling with classic blue and green streaks, compact and easy to melt. Sapid and complex flavour with a long persistence. Typical aroma of mould.