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Our story

A family business

The Cugusi family

The story of Fattoria Buca Nuova began in 1966 when, in order to start their own agro-pastoral activity, Cugusi Pietrino and his wife Mulas Maria Antonia together with their six children moved from Sardinia to Montepulciano, to an old rural farmhouse which was called “La Buca Nuova” and which was encircled by 50 hectares of land.

Difficult years followed one another with their hard work and important challenges which the Cugusis took up with courage, sacrifice, love, devotion to the family and with a lot of enthusiasm: a new life’s journey in a wonderful but unknown land, with different customs and traditions.

About two years after their move, while their children were starting or continuing their studies, they thought to transform part of the produced milk and to sell the obtained cheeses directly to the people. They were able to work all the milk of the farming and to strengthen the management of this activity in a short time.

In 1982 after finishing their advanced studies Emilio and Graziano, two sons of the couple, decided to continue the dairy activity of the parents and they formed a partnership called “Formaggi Nostrani” (Local Cheeses) of Cugusi Emilio & Graziano snc.

La tosatura delle pecore

Thanks to the important teachings of their parents, the two brothers incessantly continued the dairy activity. They passed from a purely business production to a wider one, working the milk of neighbouring firms and dealing the cheeses locally and not only.

It was a gradual and measured growth which was aimed to conserve the typicalness and safeguard the local firms. Nowadays the firm, which is called “Fattoria Buca Nuova,” differs on the market because it is strictly linked to the productive traditions which were handed down from father to son during the years, in the hope that the customers could understand the importance of the values like quality, genuineness and the bonds with the land.

Fiera del cacio a Pienza

In 1997 Fattoria Buca Nuova moved with its own equipment to the new rooms in the craft estate of Pienza. The old point of sale along the 146 national road to Chianciano remained always operating.

Nowadays the productions include fresh cheeses of fast consumption, mature cheeses and also special products as sheep’s milk cheese which is matured thanks to walnut-tree’s leaves into earthenware jars , the sheep’s milk cheese which is matured into the holes of Sogliano al Rubicone, and the refined one which is worked in pressed marcs.


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