Formaggio pecorino di Pienza

For generations Fattoria Buca Nuova Dairy produces and sells Pecorino di Pienza (Sheep’s milk cheese of Pienza), a speciality food which is known all around the world and which you can find only in this part of Tuscany, the Orcia Valley.

Fattoria Buca Nuova boasts a wide variety of Pecorini di Pienza which are different as regards maturing and properties, from Marzolino di Pienza to semi-mature Red Pecorino or to mature Gran Riserva Pecorino always respecting Tuscan tradition and using only Tuscan milk.

These high-quality sheep’s milk cheeses are realised thanks to the care and the patience which distinguish the working process. They can be tasted with Tuscan red wines but also used for savoury and traditional dishes.

The Cugusi Family

La famiglia Cugusi

The story of Fattoria Buca Nuova began in 1966 when, in order to start their own agro-pastoral activity, Cugusi Pietrino and his wife Mulas Maria Antonia together with their six children moved from Sardinia to Montepulciano, to an old rural farmhouse which was called “La Buca Nuova” and which was encircled by 50 hectares of land. Difficult years followed one another with their hard work...



Primocacio di Fattoria Buca NuovaIl Primocacio

The first salt is the new product of Fattoria Buca Nuova. The Odyssey of Homer told about “curd cheese” and described the working process: “ the milk in pails or in jugs coagulated, it took shape in woven baskets...


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Fattoria Buca Nuova

  • Via I° Maggio,4
    53026 Pienza (SI)
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  • +39 0578 749909

Taste - 12/14 Marzo, Firenze

Taste - 12/14 Marzo 2016 Firenze

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